Finance and payment solutions

To support our car dealer network in Europe we offer tailor made finance solutions to automobile dealers. Our team of Finance specialist is happy to provide you with information on our services.
Thanks to our strong financing partners, we are highly flexible when it comes to payment options for our customers. No matter from which subsidiary you purchase, your monetary transfers or Letters of Credits are always with the same banks, Credit Suisse & UBS in Switzerland. Payments can be made in CHF, EUR, GBP, USD, JPY or MXN. Billing goes solely through our sales professionals, which makes it easier for the customer as they remain with one contact person throughout as opposed to dealing with multiple companies.



  1. Request a limit by filling out the form
  2. Accept the limit
  3. Sign the F-Units contract
  4. Pay the deposit and start the F-unit


Contact us today to be put in touch with a sales consultant and receive more information on the services offered to our dealers.