Company Profile AutoGlobalTrade AG – B2B Automobile Trading

AutoGlobalTrade is a multinational B2B (business to business) vehicle trading company operating globally. We are one of the leading independent importers for American vehicles to Europe and export premium vehicles to over 90 countries worldwide.

Main Warehouse Bremerhaven

Our main warehouse is located in Bremerhaven Germany, which consistently holds over 100 vehicles. We additionally store vehicles in Switzerland, Mexico, Sweden, France, Belgium, and the Middle East. Besides our vast regular stock units, we also provide production orders, special vehicles requests, as well as surplus production in left and right-hand drive.

Efficient and professional distribution

Through our vehicle inspections, examining each car individually, we offer proper conversions to country-specific regulations in Europe. Our after-sales and logistic departments ensure efficient and highly professional distribution. Our sales staff has the capability to operate in over 20 languages. Your sales representative however will remain the sole contact throughout the entire process no matter from which subsidiary you are purchasing. Being a major automobile importer to Europe and exporter worldwide, we strive to set a leading example for our industry. As your B2B supplier, we are driven by your success.


Driven by your success – isn’t just a sentence for us. We work by this motto each and every day. Our highest priority is to support our B2B clients in all ways possible, enabling them to continuously strive for success. It is because of this that each project is handled individually and tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We establish long-term business through our high-end service and partnerships based on respect, transparency, and fair play. The satisfaction of our clients stands equal to financial gains in regards to the level of success we see in our company.

Mission and Vision

Our goal is to shape the future of car trading and become the most trusted source for B2B vehicle trade worldwide:
  • To set best-in-class service and logistics standards for our clients while persistently striving for excellence
  • To constantly improve through innovation and training
  • To bridge the gap between supply and demand of cars on a global basis
  • To expand our sale and supply network daily


As sensible member of the community ourselves, AutoGlobalTrade supports charity organizations annually. We believe that we have a duty to share the wealth gained through trading cars with those in need. We support the following organizations:

Grow together – for a mutually successful future.