Code of conduct

As one of the largest independent traders of vehicles globally and the leading importer of US specification vehicles for Europe, we strive to maintain our position and further increase our market share. We are always open to explore new business opportunities and markets, never afraid to invest in additional tools or staff if necessary. Challenges are not considered as obstacles but as chances to further increase our abilities, doing what it takes to succeed while constantly growing our experience as we do so. Backing down is not an option to us, we stay strong and determined until we reach the high targets we have set ourselves. We believe that a positive approach to projects and a can-do attitude will always help us to achieve our visions. There are no limits, only new levels to be reached. And when we do so, we already set our attention to the next one.

We believe that long-term business relationships and sustainable growth can only be achieved by providing our clients the best possible service. In our opinion, trading is so much more than just exchanging goods against currency: It is our way of life! Therefore we ask ourselves every single day how we can make life better for our clients and satisfy their requirements even better than they would have thought possible. It is vital to always bear in mind that our clients are all entrepreneurs themselves, each one with their own specific business model and values they hold dearly. This is why we offer tailor-made services specifically designed to meet their demand and deliver the best quality at the highest speeds. Our sales experts are constantly in touch with our clientele, checking for their input to see how we can further improve our high standards. Since the very beginning of AGT, we have held strong to our creed of providing real, quality products at fair prices. If the goods we are being offered do not live up to our standards, we will turn them down immediately. We trust in major brands that are well-known around the globe for their excellence to ensure our clients receive real value for the money they spend. We hold this belief dearly, as it has provided us with above-average growth throughout the years. With our immense storage facilities and large stocks, we can supply our clients with the vehicles they desire immediately. Whether our customer is looking for assistance with homologation, technical support, logistics, or sourcing their end-users dream car: We will not rest until the job is done! Our state-of-the-art online platform facilitates every request and of course our experts are always available by phone or email for any urgency. Our service is constantly being evaluated both internally and externally so that we can stay on top of our business and ensure to provide the latest developments as soon as they become available. It is our top priority to guarantee perfection to our clients, because satisfied clients are the only sort of clients we know.

No business is able to succeed without having the right people for the tasks given within their ranks. This already starts with the selection process, in which we carefully evaluate if a candidate has the skills required to become a member of AutoGlobalTrade. Once a working contract has been drawn up and signed, a new employee will undergo intensive training to ensure they will be ready for the challenges at hand. We take huge pride in the fact that many of our key staff have been working for our company for many years already, having grown into positions of responsibility while contributing with their gained expertise on a daily basis. Teamwork is one of the pillars supporting our enterprise. Only when all of us pull on the same string, we can make great things happen that individually wouldn’t be possible. We strongly encourage our employees to bring in their strengths and ideas, as everyone contributes to our success. By treating everyone fair and respectfully, we create an encouraging work environment, supported by above-average compensations and benefits. Our team leaders and managers take time for their staff and their input seriously. With a firm focus on solution-oriented thinking and by supporting each other throughout all departments, we successfully complete even the most difficult tasks and overcome the largest workloads. Discussions and disagreements are being dealt with immediately and in a professional manner. We stand for zero-tolerance against racism, mobbing, discrimination and sexism.

In order to provide solid services to our partners and ensure smooth internal operation processes, we rely on a well-developed structure, which is being permanently adjusted as our fields of business grow. We believe that efficiency is key for every company, which can only be achieved through organizing each department thoroughly and setting the right priorities. Each employee has to be fully aware what is expected of her/him, putting their full attention to the task at hand. In exchange our company provides an above-average working environment and makes every possible effort to support our staff, trying to set them for tasks best matching their strengths. Our vast experience in the automotive world teaches us that time is often the very essence of making business happen. This is why we guarantee that our decision making is a quick process, thanks to a small chain of command involving key personnel during each evaluation. On top of this, all our working processes are reviewed both internally and externally on a regular basis, increasing our workflow and further strengthening our structure. Suggestions are always welcome and are carefully reviewed, knowing that our employees living the processes each day know best how to further improve them.

Without our beliefs we would not have been able to make any of this happen. At the very beginning are values defining how we live and how we do business. Fueled by our passion for cars and driven by a strong determination to succeed, we are racing to always achieve the maximum for our partners. Having said that, we never lose the awareness that we are all not only suppliers, clients or employees, but human beings in the first place. We see our business as a means of making lives better and people happy, helping them to guarantee secure jobs, sustainable growth or excite people by delivering dream cars into their ownership. We don’t only share our profits with our staff, but also ensure to support projects around the globe to help those who are less fortunate. Being honest and direct is how we communicate, always considering respect as the greatest achievable value. A word is a promise to us, being reliable one of our core competencies. We never miss out on an opportunity to point out the importance of knowledge and education, always supporting our employees if they look to further strengthen themselves in this area. We hold in high respect the laws and legal boundaries of each country we are trading in, having a firm focus on transparency and being in regular contact with national authorities. Corrupt and criminal practices are not tolerated in any way by our company and its partners.