US Vehicle Import to Europe

We are considered a specialist acting as an importer for vehicles which are not officially offered in Europe as well as those where the manufacturer has discontinued models that are still held in high demand by their authorized dealers. With this business model and our importer infrastructure we have successfully become the leading importer of North American vehicles to Europe. We work directly with manufacturers and always remain open to new projects from the manufacturers so as to both become an extra sales channel as well as to widen our variety of brands and models to our dealer network partners.

dotted map of Europe


Our Vehicle Specialists proceed with the entire homologation process for your vehicle. Vehicles not capable of being licensed in their corresponding country must be homologated prior to registration. Most of these cases are vehicles that are not officially available in the country of their eventual destination. To render vehicles suitable for registration, they must be configured such that they comply with the laws of their respective countries. Within the process of homologation we are also able to install after-market accessories if desired.


For any vehicles imported without coverage of a manufacturer Warranty we offer special Packages for AGT Warranties through our long standing partners.